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BiO Architecture Interior is based on principle where design is a matter of serious responsibility, to create spaces which contribute to the betterment and the experiences of those using the space. The design solutions respond to the spesific item location and functional requirements, which enhance the spatial experiences.

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Our Services

BiO Architecture Interior is an established consultant & construction service company operating in various fields involving architecture interior as well as civil construction planning.

Other than the above criteria, we are also able exted our responsibilities to Project Development, however it is optional.

We would like to once again point out that we are not limiting our services to the above services, We work in a considerable flexible gesture to accomodate any given tasks or projects needs.

“ We bring your vision in to reality”

Our Profile

BiO Architecture Interior was established in June 2014 and now located at Denpasar, Bali Indonesia. We emphasize team work, innovation, and the creation of real value to our clients. We have organized ourselves to work efficiently to help our clients achieve their goals.

With the design and production team, BiO Architecture Interior strives to achieve and fulfill their clients needs, to produce innovative and functional design solutions within the budget and schedule.

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